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If Our Streets Could Talk:

Kuwentuhan Ng Kalsada

Join us virtually for “If Our Streets Could Talk: Kuwentuhan Ng Kalsada”

on Saturday, October 3rd at 2pm PDT.

FANHS invites you to kick-off Filipino American History Month (FAHM)

festivities by sharing space and dialogue with our community.

Please register on our Eventbrite page:

In this session, speakers will explore with the audience on how to curate their own city experience taking elements learned by the FANHS Seattle Exposure Trip. We will share how our own personal narratives and purpose led to why we embarked on creating this trip for the younger generation of Filipino Americans. A dialogue will take place to instill the significance of sharing personal stories and their impact on a place and era. Each narrative ties into the overall fabric of Filipinos in American history.

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